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What do Moses, his Lamborghini and a little girl have to do with educating kids with special needs?  

Has your child been treated unfairly by your local school district?  Filing complaints with the USDOJ or USDOE is easy and it’s free!

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Several volunteers will shave their heads or beards after we raise $18,180

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Watch George from 
Georgia and his son Ian who has autism meet the challenge with cold spring water

We help connect families with volunteer advocates and attorneys


                 Maserati from The 20 Store 24 Hour Tour and notes from the road from the 2002 cross-country tour       


Rebecca is smiling because her family drove cross-country in 2002 to kick off Drive4Rebecca, an ongoing effort to raise funds for education, research and advocacy that helped establish REED Academy.  In 2011 they set out again on the Advocacy4All Cross-Country Tour.       


Drive4Rebecca continues to support education and research including studies at Seaver Autism Center.   Learn more about the amazing technology being used at the Rutgers Sensory Motor Lab for the Seaver Phelan-McDermid clinical trial.

Crucial strategies, tools and advice

  Best places to go with kids, keeping the family together (and your sanity), valuable tools & more


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  Comprehensive resource guide with state by state advocacy information.

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Special Needs Parent Handbook

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A deceptively thin, constructive caregiving resource ...

  A brief, compassionate guide to raising a disabled child.”

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“Timely, well written, practical ... this slim gem should 

  be on the shelf of every library.”

        Julianne J. Smith, Library Journal

“Amazing Book - A Must Read for Parents of Special

  Needs Children”

        Abby, parent of 6 year old with autism - more rave reviews on Amazon

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Read reviews from Library Journal, American Library Association and rave reviews from readers around the world.

Hundreds of libraries now have The Special Needs Parent Handbook. Use the Library Finder and check WorldCat to see if the book is in a library near you.  To search for libraries with the e-book, check or ask your library to add it for free.

  Free Angel Certificates 

  Honor the amazing people that help children with autism with free Angel Certificates.  Just fill in the blanks

  and print to honor your “angels” - just copy and paste the name in your preferred font.  Tune in to  a radio interview

  about The Angels of Autism Celebration or watch our video.

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“Tenafly teen on the front lines of autism clinical trial” 7/2012 in NJ Record & nationwide  and on WCBS 880 AM and video about the trial at Mount Sinai's Seaver Autism Center

“Exploring autism with avatars: Rutgers uses virtual worlds to test kids for disorder” 10/2012 article and video in Rutgers today and 11/2012 The Star Ledger

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