“Tenafly teen on the front lines of autism clinical trial”

7/2012 in NJ Record & published in newspapers nationwide via APhttp://www.northjersey.com/news/health/special_needs/Tenafly_teen_on_front_lines_of_autism_clinical_trial.html


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Praise for Jon Singer

“I only agreed to see you because if you called one more time I would have jumped out the window”  Lloyd Tulp, Jon’s first boss

“I am writing the real story – ‘DRIVEN CRAZY’”  Michey Singer, Jon's wife

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Learn how we drove the Daily Show crazy when trying to get on the show 

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What went wrong in Big Bad Tenafly v little rebecca joy?


A Kickstarter success story

Jon raised $18,008 for DRIVEN as a project on Kickstarter, exceeding his goal (by $1), to help fund and promote DRIVEN. He is in the process of writing the book.

Read excerpts from DRIVEN, with stories from Jon Singer and other like minded Driven people who have overcome major obstacles in their lives, transforming problems into challenges to be solved.

See the fun stuff you missed on Kickstarter and watch amazing videos of the avatar technology used in a groundbreaking clinical trial that Jon successfully fought to get his daughter into after she was initially rejected.

About Drive4Rebecca

50% of the proceeds from sales of DRIVEN will benefit Drive4Rebecca, The Singer Family’s foundation, which supports research and education and helps parents become stronger advocates for their children with special needs.

The Special Needs Parent Handbook, Jon’s first book, has been donated to hundreds of libraries to expand access to families unable to afford one.

A deceptively thin, constructive caregiving resource ... A brief, compassionate guide to raising a disabled child.”      Kirkus Reviews



...we don’t want Jon Singer on our show! So during Passover, Jon and Moses “smote” them with plagues

in a series of “Occupy The Daily Show” events.


DRIVEN features stories about overcoming virtually any obstacle, transforming problems into challenges to be solved.  Jon shares his personal stories and stories of other like minded "Driven" people.