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About Heroes & CrIEPs

    Although there are many Heroes in education, who make a major difference for kids each day, many others are wolves in sheep’s clothing.


    CrIEPs do everything they can to deny children the services they so desperately need and deserve.  Beware - while many people working with children seem helpful, they may be educational child abusers in disguise.

    We will feature stories to illustrate the pitfalls to avoid and to help you help your child to be their best.  You will learn proven strategies such as how to use Freedom of Information Act requests and other tools to help level the playing field. 

    Email us about your Heroes and also send your CrIEPy horror stories.  We will be sure to recognize the good guys by name to honor them for their great work.

    For confidentiality, stories provided by families about CrIEPs can be anonymous.  Since I’m not completely heartless like them, I will not identify CrIEPs by name (especially so I don’t get sued by CrIEPy attorneys).

    Let’s honor the heroes, and stop the CrIEPs in their tracks, so every child can be their best.

Jon "Driven" Singer


From The Violin

Renee Zamloot , Non-Attorney Education Advocate            

    “I had to tell her that Nick would be removed from her class because too much harm had been inflicted. He already believed himself to be a failure and his spirit had been completely crushed.

    Nick’s spirit and violin were broken by the music teacher who wasn’t “attuned” to his needs. 

   Read the complete story about The Violin and keep checking back because mores stories are coming.

Served in the Hospital (not food)

A child needed a residential placement and his Mom had cancer. The case went to litigation.

The CrIEPs subpoenaed her while she was in the hospital for cancer treatment!

How can they possibly sleep at night?

Tell us about your Heroes and also send your CrIEPy horror stories

School district keeping you in the dark?  Get the 411 to help your child! Freedom of Information Act links - state by state.

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