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The Daily Show didn’t want Jon Singer on to talk about Driven, his new book.

It was Passover, so Jon decided to “smite” them with plagues until they would agree to have him on the show.

The first plague was “wild beasts” (video) and he invited the public to bring their dogs to The Daily Show studio on 11th Avenue and he brought in a petting zoo. 

Jon hired “Moses” to come along to entertain the studio audience, they gave away t-shirts and iTunes give cards as free raffle prizes.  Moses led the mule and llama off the petting zoo trailer back and forth in front of the studio audience.  Everyone had fun (except the Daily Show), they played great tunes including “Let My People Go” and Moses danced with the crowd and took photos with his adoring fans.

That morning, Jon happened to walk by a local Police Athletic League (PAL) youth center, half a block from The Daily Show, and because the kids couldn’t come out to the event, he brought Moses to them.  Moses delighted 40 children and gave away t-shirts, hats and more iTunes gift cards.  At the end of the event they brought the petting zoo to the PAL Center and the kids were soooo happy.

The next day Jon dropped off kosher for Passover desserts for the writers, sent Jon Stewart flowers and a beautiful card with a photo of his daughter Rebecca, asking to come on the show, and reached out to his booker but, alas, no response.

So the next week he smote again. This time the plague was frogs (video).

At noon, they gave away more t-shirts and iTunes gift cards and snacks to The Daily Show crowd that was waiting to pick up their tickets. 

Since there were live animals the week before, Jon hired an actor to play a protestor, who was joined by his good friend Randy.  He sent them late afternoon to “protest” with signs saying “Frogs are our Friends” and they gave out fliers from a made up organization called SAFE, Save Animals From Exploitation,.

The fliers said “stop Jon Singer from exploiting animals for his personal gain” and “don’t let him hurt frogs” and the letter was signed K.T. Phraugh, Founder of SAFE. 

The crowd got a bit confused with the protestors, after thinking Jon was a good guy, since he had given away lots of goodies earlier in the day.

In the meantime, Moses and a DJ were at the PAL Center with a celebrity guest.  They entertained the kids who lined up for photos and were excited to see them.

The DJ moved to The Daily Show and played some tunes.  While the DJ made announcements and started another raffle, the Comedy Central staff members got very very cranky.

One of the staff members told the crowd that the raffle was not sanctioned by The Daily Show and threatened that if they participated they would not be allowed in.

When told Moses he would get a big black SUV with darkened windows for his arrival at the Daily Show studios, Moses said “I can bring my Lamborghini and it won’t cost much more”.  Jon said “you have a Lamborghini” and he said “actually I have two!” - (Jon decided he is definitely in the wrong business). 

Moses arrived at The Daily Show studio emerged from the Lamborghini with his celebrity guest, the most famous frog in the world, Kermit!           

The DJ played Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog and the big cranky Daily Show guy who had threatened the crowd asked if we had a permit for a broadcasting device.  Jon said “we need a permit?” and said yes and Jon said they would stop using the microphone. 

The big Daily Show guy said “too late, I called the cops” - Jon said okay and ran to the PAL center. 

He found an officer on duty and told him The Daily Show was getting cranky

and asked if he could tell them to calm down.  The officer came right over and told The Daily Show people to relax, the music was turned down a bit and all was good. 

It was a great event, they made 40 kids smile, and everyone had a ball - everyone that is except The Daily Show staff.  Apparently they only like it when it’s their joke. 

So the Daily Show wasn’t smitten by Jon, just by the plagues, but that’s understandable.

Shortly thereafter Jon learned that although Passover only lasts a week, according to the bible, the plagues lasted a full year.  To be continued.......

To contact Jon Singer, and especially to offer him a 50 Shades of Grey or Amanda Knox 7 figure deal, call 201 500 8290 collect (can you still do that?) or send email singer @


The Daily Show - Plagued by Driven

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The Daily Show said “No, we don’t want Jon Singer on our show.”   So for Passover, with Moses, Jon “smote” them with plagues. 

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