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Helpful information and tools 

  Download and share these important tools.


Angel Certificates ................................................ Recognize the angels that help kids with autism

Don’t Stare at Autism Cards ........................ Help people understand and enlist their help

Don’t Stare at Special Needs Cards ...... Same as above for children with special needs

Make Me Feel Good Planner ...................... Spend time with the people that make you feel best

Your Child Handbook ........................................ Organize important information about your child

Your Family Achievement Diary ................ Record and celebrate accomplishments

Your Gratitude Diary ......................................... Be more grateful - improve your health/happiness  

Valuable strategies and advice

  Excerpts from The Special Needs Parent Handbook.

Chapter 1 - How to keep the family together (and your sanity).  

Chapter 2 - Finding help/respite to give you a break.  

Chapter 3 - Getting out/best places to go with your kids.

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Learn more in The Handbook

In paperback and for Kindle (on PCs, Macs & mobile devices w/ free Kindle App)

A deceptively thin, constructive caregiving resource ...

  A brief, compassionate guide to raising a disabled child.”

        Kirkus Reviews

“Timely, well written, practical ... this slim gem should 

  be on the shelf of every library.”

        Julianne J. Smith, Library Journal

“Amazing Book - A Must Read for Parents of Special

  Needs Children”

        Abby, parent of 6 year old with autism - more rave reviews on Amazon

Amazon Prime members read for free on Kindle.

What’s inside The Handbook                 


Practical advice for any parent of a child with special needs, for caregivers of children with mild learning

disorders to those with cerebral palsy, severe cases of autism and other disabilities.

  1. Keeping the Family Together 

  2. Finding Babysitters 

  3. In the Community                   

  4. The Best Doctors

  5. Planning for the Future           

  6. Staying Healthy

  7. Advocating for Your Child       

  8. Taking Small Steps

  9. Helpful forms and much more

Read reviews from Library Journal, American Library Association and rave reviews from readers around the world.


About The Special Needs Parent Handbook

The Special Needs Parent Handbook is a compilation of life lessons from our experiences raising a daughter with significant special needs.  This book will help you negotiate the maze of financial, educational and emotional decisions we all face each day and in the long-run, as caregivers to children with special needs.

This handbook is designed to help you focus on what is most important in your life while dealing most effectively with the constant challenges.

100% of the proceeds from the sales of this book support Advocacy4All, a new initiative to help families advocate more effectively on behalf of their children.

If you like the book, thank you for adding a 5 star review on Amazon.  The more good reviews that are added the more books we can sell to help fund our library donation program and other advocacy initiatives.

Thank you,

Michey & Jon Singer

(Rebecca’s parents)


The Special Needs Parent Handbook is now available in over 300 libraries.

Use the Library Finder to look for a copy in a library near you. 

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