In Memory of Tyler Clementi

1992 - 2010


Stop Bullying Once and For All - ThinkBeforeUclick!

Tyler died because of a reckless click of a computer mouse by thoughtless kids.

If found guilty, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei must be held responsible for their actions.

ThinkBeforeUclick™ is a new initiative to stop bullying once and for all™. 

Watch our new music video with a message to kids about the consequences they face for bullying.  Parents - help your kids to avoid destroying their own lives and the lives of others.

How You Can Help:

Please help raise $1 million dollars for

for a national campaign - help stop bullying once and for all.

We challenge major technology companies and schools, right now, to the following:

  1. Technology Companies - step up to help fund a national PR campaign

  about the consequences of abusing technology

  1. Public/Private Schools - let students know that with one wrong click they

  can destroy their lives and lives of others - help them make the right choices

Learn more about Zero Tolerance Town

Help us reach a million views of the ThinkBeforeUclick music video

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Think Before U Click, ThinkB4YouClick, Zero Tolerance Town, 0 Tolerance Town and Stop Bullying Once and For All  are trademarks of Jon Singer (c) 2010 

All rights reserved.  Think Before U Click was established in memory of Tyler Clementi whose life was cut short because of bullying


Tyler Clementi’s life should never have ended this way