Think of The Drive for Rebecca as a journey of hope for all individuals with autism. The Drive has created a message

for the world to see and hear, loud and clear: AUTISM IS A GROWING PROBLEM IN NORTH AMERICA



By supporting The Drive for Rebecca, you will feel the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution will help improve

the lives of thousands of individuals and families affected by autism, while bringing us closer to finding a cause, appropriate

treatments and a cure.



How is the drive improving the lives of children and adults with autism?


The Drive is funding breakthrough educational research through some of the most highly effective teaching institutions

for individuals with autism.


These educational methods will open doors for children and adults that might otherwise remain closed, helping them to

become productive members of their communities and families. Through The Partnership for Autism Education™,

we will increase availability of state-of-the-art, science based, educational intervention services for individuals with

autism and their families.  This new initiative will help identify, train and provide professional guidance to directors

of new programs, helping to improve the lives of many individuals with autism.


How is the drive helping to find the cause and a cure for autism? 

Proceeds support research by Autism Speaks and the Organization for Autism Research (OAR).     OAR Logo


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About Rebecca


     In 1996, we were blessed with a beautiful and sweet baby girl named Rebecca Joy. When Rebecca was seven months

old, we felt “something was not right.”  After visiting the best doctors in New York City, Rebecca was diagnosed with a

very rare genetic disorder (with no name and less than 200 known cases worldwide), with some autistic tendencies. 


     LIFE AS WE KNEW IT HAD CHANGED FOREVER. November 1996 was the beginning of a lifelong, painful,

process of trying every type of therapy, nearly five-days-a-week, constant doctor visits for recurrent illnesses, febrile

seizures, several hospitalizations and many sleepless nights.


     Rebecca has made great progress physically, however cognitively she moves at a much slower pace. Rebecca does not

speak, nor does she demonstrate a strong ability to communicate. While we are very fortunate that she has no serious life

threatening medical issues, we have struggled emotionally and physically every day.   We also try as much as we can every

day to celebrate her wonderful accomplishments no matter how small, her big smiles, and enjoy our time together as a family.


     Every small thing Rebecca does must be taught with a great deal of repetition, and the fact that she is learning to imitate

(a major stepping stone towards using a picture based communication system) brought tears to our eyes.  With assistance,

Rebecca has learned to ski (very big video file), she rollerblades, can ride a bicycle, loves swimming, goes horseback riding

and is a big fan of Disneyland (only the fastest and biggest roller coasters will do). We love her very much and are very proud

of her accomplishments.


Michey & Jon Singer, Rebecca’s parents


P.S.  Since REED Academy opened in September of 2003, Rebecca has made phenomenal progress.






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