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The Drive4Rebecca:


Since 2001, The Drive4Rebecca has been working to increase awareness of autism,

and has raised funds to support education, advance research, and help families become

stronger advocates for their children with special needs.

Organizations we have supported

a.Skate Foundation, Adaptive Sports Foundation, Achilles, Alpine Learning Group, Autism

Speaks, CampHill Special School, Children’s Therapy Center, EDEN II, EPIC, Friendship

Circle, Garden Academy, HASC, IEA, JADD, JCC, JESC, JFS, Matan, Montgomery Academy,

National Ability Center, PCDI, Post 21 Club, PMSF, REED Academy, Mount Sinai’s Seaver

Autism Center, Surfers Healing, Therapeutic Nursery, United Cerebral Palsy and United Way.

Cross-country tour to kick off The Drive4Rebecca

The Drive4Rebecca was kicked off in 2002 when Rebecca Singer and family embarked

on a cross-country journey to increase awareness of autism, raise funds for research,

education, and to help establish a new school.  Events held in seven cities at Whole Foods

Market and Wild Oat Stores were covered by all of the major networks and other media.

In Sept. 2003, Rebecca’s family joined several other families to establish REED Academy.

Rebecca and many other children are now learning and growing to the best of their abilities

(see 4/03 and 12/04 articles).  A percentage of all proceeds continue to support REED

Academy and a number of other organizations and schools.

Today, The Drive4Rebecca focuses on:

1) Helping parents to help their children with special needs

Through our Advocacy For All initiative, The Drive4Rebecca is raising funds to help children

with special needs by helping their families become stronger advocates. 100% of the

proceeds from sales of The Special Needs Parent Handbook benefit Advocacy For All.

2) Helping to advance educational and medical research for autism

The Drive4Rebecca is helping to make a dramatic difference for individuals with

autism today by supporting breakthrough educational research through some of the most

renowned educational programs. 

The Drive4Rebecca is also helping to advance groundbreaking autism research efforts

bringing us closer to finding the cause, appropriate treatments and a cure, including exciting

research underway at The Seaver Autism Center which may lead a greater understanding

of certain genetic based autism syndromes to help countless individuals affected by autism.

How you can help

You can make a dramatic difference for tens of thousands of individuals and their families by

supporting The Drive4Rebecca.

    Drive4Rebecca video from 2002                                                                                              The Angels of Autism


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    Honor the amazing people that help children with autism with free Angel Certificates™.  Just fill in the blanks

    and print as many Angel of Autism Certificates as you would like to honor your “angels”. Right click, save your

    Angel Certificate, and then cut and paste the name in your preferred font. Tune in to a radio interview about 

    The Angels of Autism Celebration or watch the video in honor of all the angels that help children with autism.

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The Drive4Rebecca helps increase awareness of autism and asperger’s syndrome, raises funds for research and education, and helps families be stronger advocates for their children

with special needs.   Advocacy For All,  The Angel Certificate, Your Child Handbook and Your Family Achievement Diary are trademarks of The Drive For Rebecca, Inc.    All rights reserved.     

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