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Help make sure no child with special needs gets left behind™http://www.SpecialDefenders.org


Help make sure no child with special needs gets left behind

What is Advocacy4All?

    Advocacy4All is a new initiative of Drive4Rebecca to help families advocate more effectively on behalf of their children with special needs. 


    Through Advocacy4All, Drive4Rebecca is helping to provide advocacy services to parents.  Our ultimate goal is to help provide free assistance to any family in need so that every child can be their best and so that no child with special needs is left behind.

   It is up to us as parents to EARN the best possible education for our children because unfortunately, in this great country of ours, no one is just giving it away. 

    We all have to learn how to EARN it for ourselves and for our kids. 


    The first step when advocating for your child is to educate yourself on the law.  When our daughter was very young someone recommended meeting with a special education attorney to learn our rights.  We paid a few hundred dollars and it was some of the best money we have ever spent.

    There are advocates that can provide free assistance and there is a great deal of information available at Drive4Rebecca.org including links to free advocacy resources nationwide.


    Once you understand the law, or have someone to help you with your situation, be proactive and assert yourself on behalf of your child, or get a friend or family member to help you. 

    Make sure that you copy on all email or correspondence a friend, relative, or volunteer advocate, preferably an attorney, whether or not they specialize in special education.

    That way the school district will know that other people are watching and that you are not alone.  They will never be able to ask you to sign a confidentiality clause which is effectively discrimination - because that allows them to hide what they are doing for one family from another.  


     It is critical to your physical and mental health and well being, and to your family, for you to be strong, calm and sharp as possible.  Exercise, go to the movies, take a nature walk, ask a family member to babysit to give you a break, see friends, eat ice cream - whatever it takes for you to relax and have fun whenever you can so you can be the most effective advocate for your child.


    Take the initiative and take control of your situation, keep on top of the latest changes in the law or find someone who can help.  Speak to other families and share information.  Don’t let the school district hold all the cards.  They have lawyers on retainer, they do this every day, and they have the upper hand.  It’s time to level the playing field and if we all work together we can help make sure no child with special needs gets left behind.

Why Advocacy4All

    While many of the people who make educational decisions about children with special needs may have the best intentions, they have a huge conflict of interest and are ultimately guided by policies that do not put the child’s best interests first. They work for the school system and must minimize public expenditures –and that comes at the expense of a child’s future. 

    When parents of children with special needs don’t know their rights or are unable to assert themselves, their children can become victims of educational child abuse by the school system.  Without a powerful voice to represent them, these kids will be denied the best possible education and will not reach their potential.

    Consider the family where English is a second language, the single mom, or two working parents who work so hard they barely get to see their kids. These families are at a tremendous disadvantage because of a lack of understanding of the law, an inability to communicate or, in the case of the single mom, the sheer exhaustion of just trying to keep her head above water in order to survive each day.


   To kick off Advocacy 4All, we raised over $5000 from 50 different donors in a 30 day period during The Global Giving Challenge and earned a permanent spot on the Global Giving web site.

    While Drive4Rebecca continues to raise funds for autism, all funds raised in connection with Advocacy4All are for the benefit of all children with special needs.

    100% of the proceeds from sales of The Special Needs Parent Handbook are helping to fund Advocacy4All.

    Please join the discussion at SpecialNeedsParentZone.org and thank you for helping to support our effort to help make sure that no child with special needs gets left behind.


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