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Since 2001, The Drive4Rebecca has been working to increase awareness of

autism, and has raised funds to support education, advance research, and

help families become stronger advocates for their children with special needs.

In 2002, Rebecca’s family drove cross country and held events in seven cities

for The Drive4Rebecca, raising funds with coverage by all the major networks.

Read 2002 Notes from the Road.

In Sept. 2003, Rebecca’s family joined several other families to establish

REED Academy.   Rebecca and many other children are learning and growing

to the best of their abilities (see 4/03 & 12/04 articles).

In April 2004, Rebecca and family embarked on The 20 Store 24 Hour Tour.  They

visited 20 Borders Books and Whole Foods Market stores in New York and New

Jersey in a 24 hour period, driving in a Maserati provided by Ferrari Maserati NA,

to raise funds and awareness of autism.

Governor McGreevey recognized Rebecca and her family’s efforts to support

research and education on behalf of individuals affected by autism (video).

Click here to learn how a Starbucks partner, after meeting Rebecca, made a

significant difference for a young man with autism


In 2005, Borders, California Pizza Kitchen, Starbucks & Whole Foods helped

increase awareness awareness and raise funds in the 3rd Annual Benefit for

Autism Education, Research & Advocacy (photos/videos from Starbucks events

and April ’05 articles about California Pizza Kitchen and Starbucks)


In 2007, The Drive4Rebecca held The Angels of Autism Celebration, a free event

in honor of all of the amazing caregivers, teachers and emergency responders that

help individuals with autism.  Over 400 people attended at Space Odyssey, USA.

Watch The Angels of Autism video.

    Fantastic food, out of this world fun for all ages and free!

Advocacy For All, launched in 2009, is a new initiative of The Drive4Rebecca

to help families advocate more effectively on behalf of their children with special

needs. 100% of proceeds from sales of The Special Needs Parent Handbook,

a long work in progress by Jon Singer, help support Advocacy for All.

The Drive4Rebecca is giving away a minimum of 1000 copies of an ebook version

of The Special Needs Parent Handbook to families unable to afford them.

The Special Needs Parent Zone, created in 2010, helps families share what’s

worked best for them in caring for their children, and learn from others, about

advocacy, recreation, inclusion, long-term planning, staying healthy, finding

caregivers and keeping the family together. Please join the discussion

Since 2003, The Drive4Rebecca has been a recipient of a Google Grant award.


The Google Grants program supports organizations sharing Google's philosophy

of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology,

education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts.


In August of 2003, Google awarded The Drive for Rebecca a grant for free

AdWords Advertising on Google.com. The Drive for Rebecca's ads are displayed

when users search Google for relevant keywords, and when people click on the

ads, they are taken to our web site.  

Google's amazing program is helping us to reach and help tens of thousands of

families affected by autism.

We are very grateful to Google and to all of the terrific people on the Google

Grants team for their wonderful generosity.



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    Honor the amazing people that help children with autism with free Angel Certificates™.  Just fill in the blanks

    and print as many Angel of Autism Certificates as you would like to honor your “angels”. Right click, save your

    Angel Certificate, and then cut and paste the name in your preferred font. Tune in to a radio interview about 

    The Angels of Autism Celebration or watch the video in honor of all the angels that help children with autism.

                                    Click here for book recommendations, or buy anything on

                                    Amazon.com to help fund advocacy, research and education





The Drive For Rebecca helps increase awareness of autism and asperger’s syndrome, raises funds for research and education, and helps families be stronger advocates for their children

with special needs.   Advocacy For All,  The Angel Certificate, Your Child Handbook and Your Family Achievement Diary are trademarks of The Drive for Rebecca, Inc.    All rights reserved.     

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Thanks to our very generous supporters we met The Global Giving Challenge, raising over $5000 in 30 days for Advocacy For All

Read all about it in The Northern Valley Suburbanite

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