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With the right kind of help, children and young adults with autism can become productive members of society. 

Miracles are happening for the fortunate few that receive science based state-of-the-art educational services. 

You can help make more miracles happen by supporting our efforts.




Success Story – Lauren


 “Our daughter Lauren, was perfect, beautiful, bright and friendly. Then one

day she seemed almost catatonic, deaf and indifferent to our world.  We called

her name and she didn’t look up.  She no longer said ‘Mommy.’  Lauren had autism.


Lauren has made great strides over the years in many different areas since starting at

Alpine Learning Group. Today, running has unlocked her physical fitness potential

and has opened the door to a social activity she enjoys with her typical peers.


Lauren has come a long way since 1994 when she first learned to run on a treadmill

and then on the track. She gradually progressed to running in her community with a

partner. Occasionally she runs with a typical teenager whom Lauren calls her friend.

Lauren begins her third season on her high school cross-country team where she runs

with ‘lots of friends and she has run in several 5K and 10K races.’”



Success Story – Rebecca


 “When Rebecca was seven months old, we felt ‘something was not right.’  Rebecca

was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder with autistic tendencies. 


It was the beginning of a lifelong, painful, process of trying every type of therapy,

nearly five-days-a-week, constant doctor visits for recurrent illnesses, febrile seizures,

several hospitalizations and many sleepless nights.


Before starting at REED Academy, practically the only thing Rebecca could do with

her hands was put them in her mouth.  Within a few months however, Rebecca

learned to use her hands in ways we never thought possible, and had made more

progress than she had made in the past few years. 



We could not believe our eyes as she picked up a small container of books, carried it to the bookshelf, and placed it

where it belonged.  We watched in amazement as she picked up small cubes and placed them in a bucket.  Rebecca is

learning how to unpack her knapsack, put away her laundry at home, and she is making great progress in using utensils.

For us, Rebecca’s accomplishments were nothing short of a miracle. 


Aside from recreational activities, this was the first time that we had ever seen her accomplish anything with

such independence, coordination and skill. Rebecca’s achievements give us great hope for the future.”



Success Story – Noah


Before Noah turned three, “life was hell” according to his parents.


Noah had many behavioral problems and was extremely scared of people – he barely

could tolerate anyone except his own family. “We brought him to a playgroup and he

screamed and wouldn’t let go. We couldn’t go to a restaurant or have anyone at the house.

When we left our home, if anything was out of order, he would have a tantrum, and we

could hardly even get him in and out of the car.  Life was unlivable.” 


When Noah started at Alpine Learning Group however, their lives turned around. 

Noah became outgoing, his behavior improved dramatically, and “he was happy as a

clam.” He quickly started putting sentences together and “they taught him literally

everything he knows.” Noah learned how to eat, how to tie his shoes, and how to go to sleep on his own.


“We took him to family restaurant and he walked around was talking to everyone. Someone came up to us at the restaurant

and said you have a wonderfully outgoing son.” Noah is now generally indistinguishable from his typically developing peers.


Although Noah has had limited world experience, “he is wise beyond his years.”  When he was three he watched a show

about children being born and had tears in his eyes.  At four he asked, “is god a person or a force?”  Before starting in

kindergarten, Noah had above average scores in every subject and continues to excel in school.


Noah is now with typically developing children in his local elementary school, and is one of the top readers in his

class.  When the children were asked to draw pictures of their best friends, two classmates drew pictures of Noah.







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